About Auto Loan Express

At Auto Loan Express, we specialize in helping you buy the right car by qualifying you with the right lenders. We are market leaders in automotive financing across Ontario Canada.

From the starting line to the finish line
Beginning with the application process to selecting a reliable and quality vehicle to finalizing the papers and finally driving away, we will be there 100% during the buying process to assist and ensure you are treated fairly and professionally.

How It Works

Connecting customers with the right lenders at the best rates

The retail auotmobile industry is full of companies looking to sell you a vehicle. I'm sure if you've ever tried to buy a car, you have probably dealt with a sales person or two. Its not unheard of to feel a bit overwhelmed with the process. Sales agents know a lot more then you do when it comes to structuring a deal.

Thats where we come in!!! we take the guess work out of your auto loan.

Our quality assurance system allows us to consult with our customers prior to any contact with a dealership or lender. We have setup inclusive relationships with only the best dealerships and lenders in Ontario and we routinely audit that list to ensure they are meeting a high standard of customer service, performance and value.

Locations Across Canada

Popular Cities in Ontario

Toronto, Mississaugua, Brampton, London, Sarnia, Chatham, Woodstock, Windsor

We are proud to offer coverage across Canada for quality used cars, suvs, trucks and passenger vans. With such a wide range of locations, we know that sometimes it might be difficult to travel to one of our select dealerships that is why we are offering...

Our Qualified Team

Finance Specialists

Our team is filled with over 50 years of combined experience and expertise in the automotive industry! We are truly passionate about cars and understand the concerns and questions that most customers face when wanting to buy a new vehicle. One of our team members can help and assist you with that process. We want you to know that your satisfaction is our goal. You can also TEXT or CALL to speak with someone directly.

Customer Reviews

True Customer Satisfaction

We are always pleased to see when customers are happy with our service and take the time to leave us positive reviews.